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The meaning of life » Atheist Survey
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Mar 312015

The meaning of life is 42.

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  1. The meaning of life is, like most people who most likely have responded with the same answer, dependent on your relative perspective or approach on the answer with your immediate mix of chemicals in your brain readily prepared to communicate as a response relevant to your immediate perspective. At the moment, though, I’ve come to understand that the meaning of life can be compared to any analogy you can think of, but I, personally, think that life has metaphysical meaning, and has a purpose to exist beyond comprehension and is compatible with an understanding that it could just be God itself (in my perspective, everything in the universe including each individual human and rock as weird as that sounds to most people) manifesting the duality that is internally tangent on the identity of its behavior in “liking” to complicate itself into a dualistic and infinite matrix composed of yins and yangs continuing into a pathway of logic and manifesting itself in physical form infinitely in both directions that makes it also equally worthy an answer as any other. The meaning of life is to give Everything something to do because it is always going to be alone with itself, and it (we) (you and me (composed of perceptively, fundamentally, nonliving things)) (every galaxy and lifeless yet potentially lifeful creature) has this awesome and certainly divine behavior to want to diverge itself continuously into different things as to ease itself (us, etc.) because it wants to etc. The meaning of life is essentially another interesting and popular human question (human as in one of the biggest manifestations of the universe’s explicitly elongated behavior in this universe as we know of as of now) proposed because of our human curiosity to question the works of our own selves and therefore the universe as a whole. I believe heaven and hell don’t exist in the way most religions think of it as, but I do believe that it is possible, in the way that if the universe (after it stops expanding) collapses on itself like any star or any human because of a fundamental identity reality that is shared with everyone for the purpose of, possibly, achieving enlightenment, time becomes warped until it eventually asymptotes forever. And just like how you can graph a Rational Function with a vertical asymptote and that it will never hit that number, it never does, but when it does, the metaphysical aspect takes action and that heaven or hell (or whatever you call it) is everything colliding with itself into the unity impossible to fathom in an unthinking and thinking (at the same time) metaphysical, dualistic singularity into something no thing could ever understand once that is achieved. The asymptote as space collapses into a singularity is time being sped up into infinity once that awesome and metaphysical singularity or unity occurs, where time is infinite somewhat like in a black hole, and since the universe or God has no-where else to go and when entropy starts back up again in something that defies everything we can ever understand or possibly pass off as impossible yet therefore denying the dimensions that exist that we have no proof of that are possibly always immediately next to us but we have no way to see it because our dimension restricts us into ever finding it, the universe expands out again and flows back into its reborn state of existence which is a possible theory in describing how both the universe began and will end in the future. The meaning of life is entirely subjective yet always objective at the same time as everything existing in this dimension with questions like, “Is math a part of the universe or not?” is always dualistic with a deep-rooted attachment to both yes and no do difficulty entangled that it is impossible to answer until all of those answers become fundamentally meaningless and meaningful at the same time once we all get back together in the unison that unites all in that forever of unity which lasts both for infinity and infinitesimal at the same time in a duality subjective to the perception of it in different perspectives. The meaning of life is to have the painted paint itself for the sole purpose of painting for the purpose of painting, etc. Now, all it comes down to is that this question is difficult and very, very complicated and both extremely simple at the same time, because all it is is that we are in a state of duality which will continue on for forever, and the unity that will happen at that point of no time like on that number on that graph of those asymptotes also continues on forever, so we are always in a constant and mathematical (assuming to take the entire circular existence of the universe into consideration and summing it all together and dividing it by that entire existence (which doesn’t make much sense)) equilibrium which can also be contingently false, and the duality here is why life existence in the first place to either maintain that balance to achieve it, but that doesn’t matter and this question doesn’t matter in the least because it is just one question in an ocean of infinitely more questions that can and can’t be answered because of this possibly correct and incorrect train of thought achieved by this fascinating perspective of the universe which is both convenient and accurate in many ways and also passively wrong in many ways. With this, you can assuredly say that the meaning of life is 42 and also every number and every other thing because it is just like the DNA of a person and will always represent a fractal identity always being manifested throughout itself all the time because of that identity.

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