Jan 182015

A funny joke about atheism: So a guy walks into a bar with a duck,he sits down at the bar,orders a drink for himself and one for the duck,the bartender looks at the guy and says. "your duck drinks?" The guy looks up and says "yeah,he has been since he got some bad news yesterday." "Oh" says the bartender ,what was the bad news?" The duck slams his drink in one gulp and and yells at the bartender "there is no god!!!" The bartender,shocked that a duck could actually speak stammers back,"well is that why you’re angry and drowning your sorrows at a bar?" "NO!!!" says the duck,"yesterday i found out I’m a duck!!!!"

Feb 292012

A funny joke about atheism: A Christian and an Atheist are in a bar, the christian says "if you don’t believe in god you will go to hell." the atheist replies "if there was a benevolent supreme being, logic dictates that there would be proof of his existence other than a 2,000 year old book." they agree to set aside their petty differences and get on with their lives.