Jul 232015

To the best of my knowledge, the religious view of the United States’ founding fathers was: Who the hell are those founding fathers you’re talking about? I wouldn’t know because I’m from England. Before you ask, I’m NOT from New England. The original England where you’d find Rowan Atkinson and Dick Van Dyke.

Jun 112015

To the best of my knowledge, the religious view of the United States’ founding fathers was: Evangelical atheism? Narrowmindedness? Another shot acosrs my bow?I really do not understand why you would use those terms to describe Richard Dawkins or any of the other so-called horsemen. I have never seen people who are so open-minded. Evangelical is not a word I would associate with any of them.I do have my right to my opinion. In light of everything that I have read my analysis indicates that religion is dangerous. It very much resembles a reprogramming of the brain. When criticized in the least this programming lashes out in the same fight or flee as an instinct. Otherwise it resides within the individual shaping all of their thoughts. To even consider that they might be wrong sends chills through their body.Have you ever considered that these horsemen, like me, have researched religion to the nth degree and concluded that it is what it is, a scam? At that point having made these conclusions and then seeing the helplessness of the religious to respond with new information, why not act with confidence and try to dismantle the religion and thereby negating any further harm it might cause?I have stated that I agree that you have every right to believe whatever you like as long as it does not interfere with my rights in any way. When I see proselytizing in print or on the airwaves, or by means of some obviously religious display on government property, I will respond.There is the religious right, a group of fundamentalists, who have every intent to take this country and make it a Christian Nation, by force, if necessary. Presently their showman is Dave Barton. If they continue with their plans, which are in motion, I predict there will be a civil war in the United States within maybe a decade or two. They are presently infiltrating government. They deny the reality of the Separation between Church and State. I will be in the front lines, if I am still alive and able, to face them if need be.