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Question #51 » Atheist Survey
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Nov 252016

How did life on Earth begin? Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait The earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool Neanderthals developed tools We built a wall (we built the pyramids) Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries That all started with the big bang! Hey!.

Sep 102016

How did life on Earth begin? When earth had existed for some time already, molecules started undergoing combinations and formations, until eventually life started when one of those combinations was the cell. After that, evolution did its thing.

Jul 222016

How did life on Earth begin? In the ancient Greek unrnnstaddieg, enlightenment was not a once-off event but something that happens again and again. And (Osho aside), from my experience it is more the latter. All seekers get moments of clarity. It is in the nature of the game. Non-seekers would have no idea what we are talking about. A real enlightenment would be foregoing the state of becoming. It’s really: this is it. Vartan.

Jul 092015

How did life on Earth begin? Growth from small molecules swirling in the atmosphere. The basic amino acids that are used to make DNA and organisms can be created by molecules that were floating around and they combined one day and then evolution went on it’s way very slowly.