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Mar 202016

The best argument I’ve ever heard for the existence of God is: Well, it probably shouldn’t count, but Chris hedges debate with Sam Harris was interesting, even if it was more redefining what god and religion means rather than some abstract concept rooted in philosophy. That being said, I do agree with what he was saying even if it is sort of confusing to define god in such a way. He brought up some interesting ideas I had never considered about religion being the start of our ancestors cultures concept of personal identity, allowing one to adhere to his own morality in the face of an existing power structure and accepting the consequences. its sort of difficult to articulate, especially when I attempt to, you’d be better off just watching it. I really do think people like the dedicated-to-defending imperialism Sam Harris are wrong when they chalk up extremism solely to religion when it’s quite obvious there are other factors motivating the behavior. Take any Muslim country that is essentially a battlefield and look at how much terrorism came out of it before the living conditions were so bad. IIslam maybe be the particular vessel being used to exploit the vulnerable nowdays into committing acts of war, but it isnt solely from the religion or it wouldn’t only appear in the same places where guerrilla warfare tactics are the only weapons available for the people to fight a much stronger enemy.